A+ Gallery Photos & Videos Android App Review

| December 20, 2018

A+ Gallery: Photos & Videos for Android is a gallery app that is simple and organized that manages your photos, create albums and share photos. Along with whole lot of features, it also supports access to drop box, Amazon Cloud and Facebook and view the photos directly through the app. Keep images private and safe using the vault feature. The design is great and is very simple to use. With a material design and an iOS look, the app combines the best of both worlds.

Organize and manage your moments with an A+ app

A+ Gallery for Android fast, fast and quite fast. It has a beautiful and simple user interface that automatically organizes all the photos and videos. The app is a pleasure to look at as it combines the simplicity of iOS design and the beauty of material design. The interface can be customized with a great collection of beautiful looking themes. The photos and videos are automatically arranged in an order. You can arrange them based on when you take and from where you take. You can view this in a map form where the photos and videos will be displayed based on where you take it.

A+ Gallery Photos & Videos Android App Review

Create albums and set criteria for them which will make them easy to manage and to be searched. You can tag an album as your favorite or keep them hidden. You are allowed to save them in external SD card as well. Search criteria are a plenty, from when and where you take them to image color is also searchable. Move sensitive photos and videos to a secure vault that keeps it away from others. Upon entering a password, you can view these secret photos and videos. The app is free to download with in app products ranging from $0.99 to $9 per item.


A+ Gallery for Android is one of world’s best photo gallery app and you will not feel the need to change to any other app. Used by more than 9 million, it is the fastest app to view HD photos, search and manage them as well. A+ Gallery gives you the much needed privacy required of any app when you have sensitive photos and videos.


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