ActionDash Android App Review

| March 6, 2019

ActionDash for Android is a fantastic application that aims at digital well being of your device. It has a set of features that gathers data on how much time you spent with each app and a total time spent with your device. It gives a clear breakdown of details like which app you spent more time, how many times you have unlocked and so on. The breakdown can be viewed by day, by hour and also by app. You just need to swipe left and right to view all these information.

Keep your smartphone healthy by learning more about it

ActionDash Digital Wellbeing for Android is visually appealing with beautiful graphics and animated presentation of data. Those who aim to reduce the usage of the device will find this app very useful. It directly works on the Android and does not occupy extra memory for its operation. Their business model is simple, absolutely don’t gather customer data and do the best to retain happy customers. All the data needed to judge the well being of the device is taken directly from Android. Hence it functions well in all Android devices with lollipop.

ActionDash Android App Review

ActionDash app is quite secure and private as it does not need your personal data. Detailed statistics of all operations that you perform are presented in the best possible way. Details include, number of apps use, how much time you spend on each of them, how many times you open each apps and so on. Set timers for daily, weekly or hourly scheduling of data. This data offers insights on how you have been utilizing the device its resources and also how well you can use these apps so you could save some battery life and memory space.

Best Digital Wellbeing & Screen Time Helper App

ActionDash for android gives you deeper insights about your usage based on the information it has collected. You can get your apps customized enough so it would operate smooth occupying less memory space. The app can be customized to give daily report and notifications summarizing your overall usage of your device and its resources. The app is offered for free and requires Android 5.0 and up.


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