Amazon FreeTime Android App Review

| October 26, 2018

Amazon FreeTime – Kids’ Videos, Books, & TV Shows for Android is an educational and fun tool for kids most suitable for age group between three and twelve. It is an app that offers unlimited access to books, videos, movies and TV shows. This fun and educational app has easy to use parental controls that makes it easier to manage and control what your kid is watching. Amazon FreeTime is bundled with trusted brand names in the field of media and entertainment. That includes, Disney Nickelodeon, Sesame Street, PBS, National Geographic and many more.

Utilize your free time in a fun and effective way

Amazon FreeTime for Android has over 10000 TV shows, movies and videos from brands kids and parents love and trust. Inculcate reading with its numerous collection of books, eBooks and children’s storybook. It is all available in categories like classics, award winners, fairy tales, super heroes and others. It makes searching for content easy by just browsing the full catalog of titles. Kids can find a collection of characters and stories they love. For example, Frozen, Bubble Guppies, Dora, Spiderman, Thunderbirds and so on.

Amazon FreeTime Android App Review

Parents need to create profiles for their kids in the app as you download and install it. You can create up to four different child profiles and set a password for each. Each child profile can have multiple accounts on each device. This enables the kids to have different accounts for videos, books and games and allow them to track their progress as well. Parental controls are easy and quite feature rich. Bedtime shuts FreeTime for the day. You can also block access to videos and cartoons that does not have educational values.


Amazon FreeTime – Kids’ Videos, Books, & TV Shows for Android provides endless fun for kids which is been developed solely for them to have fun as well as education. The app is available for free for a one month trial. Carter free trial subscriptions start at $2.99 for prime members and 4.99$ for non prime members. One subscription can be used for multiple devices. You can cancel the subscription any time over online that is available 24 hours daily.


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