AppSheet Business Productivity Android App Review

| November 29, 2018

AppSheet for Android is an app maker that develops custom designed app based in the inputs you provide. You really do not need any coding experience and even a beginner can easily create and deploy apps. It is used for providing simple business productivity solution that can display content, forms and workflow for various scenarios. The app uses data present in Google sheets, Excel, Smartsheets. These data is then presented in an innovative and interactive way through the app you create with AppSheet.

Convert data into useful, interactive apps

AppSheet for Android make it simple for anyone to build an Android app customized to cater to business needs. This really does not take much time. Once you download and install, open the app and connect the entire local and cloud stored data present in databases and spreadsheets. You can include custom features like charts, GPS, maps, email alerts, push notifications, signatures and camera. This is done effortlessly without even writing a single line of code. Once your app is ready, you have easy way to publish and share it.

AppSheet Business Productivity Android App Review

Even as your app is developed you can continue working on the spreadsheets as the app will easily extract data from the tabular column as you refresh it. It will inform you of any issues and you can rectify it easily. Overall, it has simple and well defined steps, they are, defining data, defining user experience, fine tuning and reviewing the app. It supports quite a few platforms and databases, including SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL and Excel.


AppSheet for Android is one of the best solutions for business and education that lets you design your own solution based on the business size, type of customer and the number of employees. This is more convenient and affordable as you need not pay huge amount for apps whose entire features you do not use. With AppSheet, you can create tailor made apps for simple business scenarios. There are different plans to create public apps and private apps and the cost will differ based on the number of users and features.


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