ArtFlow: Paint Draw Sketchbook Android App Review

| August 26, 2018

ArtFlow: Paint Draw Sketchbook for Android is an app that brings out the artist in everyone. It is a digital sketchbook where you can paint your heart out. Suitable for all ages, this intuitive painting and drawing application makes it so simple to get the art you had in mind on the sketch pad. ArtFlow app has enough and more features to make it a full fledged painting application.

Painting your imagination

ArtFlow: Paint Draw Sketchbook for Android converts your smart device into a digital sketchbook. It has more than 100+ paint brushes, smudge, fill and eraser tools. The high performance painting engine makes the whole experience a real like painting platform and does not have any lags as you paint. This is probably the only app that provides various types of brushes and different painting option. The pens and brushes are quite sensitive and help you paint and draw more accurately. With a real painting canvas, brushes, colors and other tools, makes this app a delight to use, especially the artist. The canvas can be as big as 6144×6144 and you can create up to 50 layers. Filters can be added up to 10 layers. Filters provided are HSV adjust, brightness and saturation, color curves and so on. The pens and brushes are equipped with stylus pressure support and pressure simulation that gives the right effect as you use the tools. You can also import images and create custom brushes based on them.

ArtFlow Paint Draw Sketchbook Android App Review

Like in any professional photo editing software, you can do selection and selection masks. Also, layer the clipped masks. The interface is material design inspired. The controls are fast, fluid, intuitive and easily accessible. The app rejects accidental palm touches. This negates any kind of accidental zooming and panning as you draw. You can save and export your paintings to PING, JPG, and PSD format.


ArtFlow: Paint Draw Sketchbook for Android helps you unlock your imagination and let it free flow on the sketch pad. It is the most effective way to paint anytime anywhere. It is a free to download with in-app purchases and ads. Pro license that provides additional features require an in-app purchase. Single license will activate all devices connected with Google account.


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