AUTOsist Android App Review

| January 21, 2015 | 0 Comments

It is a truth that most of us manage our car maintenance records pretty hopelessly. It is not that it is an impossible task. But most of us are too lazy to keep it in order. Now, here is an app – AUTOsist app for Android – that helps you bring some order by letting you store your car records in the clouds so that you can access it or share it anytime. You can get AUTOsist for free from Google Play Store. It is also ad-free.


AUTOsist app for Android revolves around its essential function of keeping your vehicle’s records secure and easily accessible. You can either take a photo of your records or simply upload them to the app. You’ll appreciate how AUTOsist app let you run a report that will show your vehicle’s history to a potential buyer. Now, if the buyer has eventually decided to buy your vehicle, you can transfer the vehicle records with a simple tap of your finger. AUTOsist for Android also features a powerful search function that let you quickly search your records. The app also allows you to add notes for things such as tire pressure, oil type, accident reports etc.

AUTOsist Android App

What if you own more than one vehicle? Well, AUTOsist app for Android has such a possibility covered as well. You can effortlessly add multiple vehicles with their own separate maintenance records. The UI is simple and practical. There is no clutter, and everything is properly laid out for ease of use. The ease of access to toggle through its various functions is outstanding to say the least. If it misses on anything, it has to be the absence of alerts. It would have been handy had the app were able to send you alerts when you need to change oil or when it is time for other maintenance tasks.


The overall simplicity and usefulness gives AUTOsist for Android a unique place amongst organizational type apps. The layout is clean and uncluttered. You can create reports on your vehicle history and quickly share it with others in a tap of your finger. This comes handy when you’re planning to sell your vehicle to a second person. The search feature let you dig out your vehicle’s maintenance records in seconds. The app also supports multiple vehicle profiles. Overall, an app worth recommending to anyone who owns a vehicle. Check it out.


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