AZ Rockets iPhone Game App Review

| April 27, 2018

AZ Rockets for iPhone is a minimalistic and challenging game that is built in the spirit of the developer’s previous game 99 Rockets. The game requires you to be quick and on-your-toes to hit all the targets. You may download AZ Rockets game for free of cost from iTunes App Store.

Test Your Aim and Reflexes

AZ Rockets for iPhone is a fun game that tests your aim and reflexes. You got to aim the rockets and launch them to hit the targets that is made of letters before time runs out. You just got to tap on the screen at the right time to fire the rockets at the target. The game gives you unlimited number of rockets. What is scarce is the available time. You can have different rocket designs through IAP. The typography in AZ Rockets is easy-to-read, despite being a mix of script and sans-serif fonts.

AZ Rockets iPhone Game App Review

AZ Rockets for iPhone is visually simplistic. It features simple color backgrounds and straight or curvy white lines that contrast nicely with the backdrops. The shape of the rockets are distinctive. The particle effects when the rocket hits the target is simply awesome. The fantastic mix of soft pastels and bold hues in background colors are pleasing to the eyes. Animations are slick and smooth, while the atmospheric soundtrack is immersive and soothing to listen to. It also help you to focus on the game. AZ Rockets app requires iOS versions 8.0 or higher.

Final Take

AZ Rockets for iPhone is a perfect time killer game. It requires you to fire rockets at a target within allowable time frame. You got to be focused and quick on your fingers to hit the target. The circular path through which the rocket moves is fun to watch. If you do a premium upgrade, you will have access to more rockets – of different shapes and types. But still your success depends upon your timing and reflexes. The graphics is simplistic with a balanced mix of colors and hues. The particle effect when your hit the target is excellent. It is also slick and responsive. The immersive soundtrack is great to listen to as well. Overall, a well-made rocket game with great minimalistic visual and audio package.


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