Banking Calculator Android App Review

| July 21, 2018

Banking Calculator for Android lets you calculate most of the figures you need for banking operations. This include, EMI calculator, loan affordability calculator, instalment calculator, PPF calculator, fixed deposit calculator, recurring deposit, SIP returns calculator, CAGR calculator and so on. Most of what a banker needs is present in the app and you just need to enter the values and tap a few buttons.

Banking Calculations Without Much Fuss

Banking Calculator for Android with most of the calculations incorporated is one great tool for a banker or those seeking banking facilities. The EMI calculator is based on monthly, daily or annually reducing test. Like in a proper banking system, you will have options to do pre payment or moratorium based EMI. Apart from determining the amount if loan you could afford, the app helps you determine the no of months to close the loan. Maturity amount after duration can be easily determined for PPF using the calculator. You will have variations based on fixed yearly installment, variable yearly, fixed monthly and variable monthly instalments. The app has taken all these variations into consideration and will give you an exact amount on maturity. All reports generated through this app can be shared via email.

Banking Calculator Android App Review

Banking Calculator app allows you to estimate how much your monthly investment can grow over time based on a particular scheme. Apart from that, it lets you to calculate what period is required, how much you need to invest and the different rate of returns as per the period invested. Also, you can find out the loss if you delay investing for some period. CAGR is a useful tool to determine an annual growth rate on an investment which has fluctuating rates from one period to another.


Banking Calculator for Android gives a visual representation of all calculations in a graphical view. The reports generated in html and excel format and can be sent through mail as well. The app is free to download with no in-app purchases.


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