Barrier X iPhone Game App Review

| February 23, 2018

Are you a fan of fast paced arcade games? If yes, check this one out: Barrier X for iPhone. It is a super-fast and challenging twitch reflex arcade game that tests how fast you can dodge the walls. The game challenges your reflexes and how intensely you can focus on the game play. Barrier X game may be downloaded free of cost from iTunes App Store.

Test of your Reflexes

Barrier X game for iPhone tests how fast you can get out of the way, to avoid crashing. In the game, you are controlling a small ship that will be flying down a rather large stretch of empty, barren road. Walls will appear on your way suddenly, from nowhere, and you got to change lanes to avoid them. Change in direction is realized by tapping on the mobile screen appropriately. The game starts off at manageable paces. But in every 15 seconds, the speed at which walls pop up increases and the difficulty level increases. The walls will come up faster and faster as you play. Your scores depends on how long you had managed to steer your ship without crashing on the walls. In the recent version of the game, slow motion has been added in the first level.

Barrier X iPhone Game App Review

Barrier X game for iPhone looks fantastic with minimalistic graphics. It is a throwback to the video games of the 80s. The tap control is intuitive. We found the game to be pretty slick and responsive. There weren’t any lags or freezes. The best part is that you’ll always want to come back to Barrier X game for iPhone for its replay value. You can always try to improve upon your previous score, and that is motivation enough to give it another try. The game requires iOS 7.1 or later.

Final Take

Barrier X game for iPhone is a fast paced twitch reflex arcade game that tests your reflexes. As you play, the difficulty levels increases and eventually, you’ll crash your ship. How long you can manage to avoid the walls is what the game is all about. The graphics looks decent. It also got tremendous replay value. The game is perfect as a time killer while you commute to/from work or waiting in an airport lounge to catch your flight. Check it out if you like challenging twitch reflex games.


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