Beat Racer Android Game App Review

| July 29, 2017

Racing games are perhaps the most exciting genre of games. You get speed, thrill and excitement and what not. Now, if you could combine the exhilarating beats of electronic music, then things go to another level. This experience is brought to you by the Beat Race app for Android. This app is basically a racing game but a racing game with a difference. So, let us take a look at Beat Racer app and see what it offers.

Explore a Whole New World

The premise of Beat Racer Android game app is really interesting. You are a lonely racer in a futuristic city and you need to race in streets. You follow the trail of beats and each time you collect a ‘beat’, a peppy music plays in the background. We have got to admit, that the game is really exciting. The game has got stunning graphics that give you immersive experience. The controls are also quite easy. But perhaps the biggest attraction of the game is the electronic music. The tunes are simply breathtaking and the combination of the music and the thrill of racing is what make the game really stand apart.

Beat Racer Android Game App Review

What You Will Like About the App?

Exciting electronic music tunes that play a central part in the game play.
3D Design and Surreal Graphics
Easy game controls
Stunning graphics.


If you are looking for amazing new gaming app, then try Beat Racer for Android. Get the app today and feel what real excitement feels like!


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