BitCam iPhone App Review

| January 28, 2018

A lot many of us remember the 80’s and the 90’s with great deal of nostalgia. Even now, when we see something that reminds us of the days, we readily take a trip down the memory lane. As kids, we were introduced to the world of computers and gadgetry with the mini computers of the late 90s. One of the most popular features of the mini-computers was its camera. The picture quality might not be as good as our iPhone camera, but still we were in love with it. The BitCam app for iPhone helps you to relive those days again.

Capture Images like the 90s

BitCam for iPhone is designed with probably one goal in mind and that is to give you a pure retro feel. And it does that perfectly well! The moment you open the app and click a photo you would be transported to the year 1996. The designers did an amazing job to emulate the performance that you used to get from a 16 bit minicomputer from your 64 bit iPhone. Believe me, it’s tough. The app has a classic black and white interface, which is remarkably similar to the one you got if your minicomputer didn’t have a graphics update. The interface might be a bit mundane compared to the interface of modern camera apps, but it still works and feels like a modern app.

BitCam iPhone App Review

App Highlights

Picture quality is exactly similar to cameras of microcomputers of the late 90s
Retro user interface
Easy to use


BitCam for iPhone is designed for people who appreciate classic things. The app might look old, but it functions like a modern app. So, install the app today and take a trip down memory lane.


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