BlackPlayer Music Player Android App Review

| February 19, 2019

Get ready to enjoy one of the most entertaining and fun filled apps on your Android device absolutely free. MP3, WAV, OGG, or FLAC, regardless of any format the music is, sit back and relax while singing to the tunes of your favorite songs. BlackPlayer Music Player for Android is simple, yet got its elegance as its name refers to black meaning darkness.

Complete Darkness!

BlackPlayer Music Player Android app allows numerous settings in its profile where you even get to change its background to a white color if you like. The best part is its powerful equalizer, which allows you to personalize your experience. BlackPlayer is one of the fastest and ad-free music player with features like BassBoost, 3D Surround Virtualizer, 5 Band Equalizer. It also has options to even use external equalizer. You can customize the sound of any of your favorite songs, or go with the original track of it. Your choices are always appreciated. Being considered to be one of the best music players on Android, BlackPlayer Music Player app offers an amazing interface and a set of handy tools for its users which will never go unappreciated. Be it managing your disc covers, or getting to edit the ID3 info of all the songs you listen to. A very customizable app with a sleep timer and a flat minimalistic design together with crossfading options is just beyond imagination.

BlackPlayer Music Player Android App Review

Get Black is the new Trend!

BlackPlayer for Android is one of the simplest forms of music player which sets a very little gap between you and the music. Being one of most customable app in the vast range of other music players, BlackPlayer has got around 17 accent colors options to suit your taste. In this app, even the browser is customizable. Not just that edit the artist, album, album art or just anything here. This is surely one of the best recommended app for all those music lovers. This app is sure to leave you all impressed once you have downloaded it. So go ahead and get it!


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