BlueJeans Android App Review

| July 2, 2019

BlueJeans Android App from BlueJeans Network is one of the popular video conferencing apps available in the market. Business conferencing apps are commonplace today. They have become the standard because of the following reasons: high Internet bandwidth globally which ensure that video conferences run almost as smooth and without interruptions as voice calls. Also video conferencing has gained popularity due to rising business travel costs; a quick video call between participants achieves the same thing as flying the same people to a central location for a face-to-face meeting. Today video conferencing is supplemented by powerful online collaboration software and other advanced hardware that creates a data-empowered meeting environment. Today’s video conferencing platforms let users share screens, exchange files etc. Some of the powerful applications of this technology can be used for interacting with customers and organizing marketing events etc. Thanks to technology, all these powerful functionalities are available to you in your handheld smart device.

How it works

With the BlueJeans app for android you can have multi-participant video calls that sync with a wide range of video conference systems like Microsoft Lync, Polycom, Cisco and more. You can use the app to host or join video conferences from any location in the world. It is the ideal app that can be used by businesses of all sizes to have collaborative and engaging meetings without the need for expensive and dedicated hardware. All you need to do is to sign up for a BlueJeans account. Even that is needed only if you have to host a meeting; it is not needed for merely attending one. Users can host a video meeting with a maximum of 25 participants (100 if it is premium service).

BlueJeans Android App Review

The BlueJeans android app offers you the option to arrange the layout of conference participants. The app is very user friendly with a very fast join time. Users can join meetings with a single click in mere seconds. The interface is simple and elegant; it features a dashboard that provides easy access to scheduled meetings. It enables the user to select your devices, settings and mute preferences before joining the meeting.


BlueJeans App for Android offers business quality video conferencing at no cost (for the basic version). With 500,000+ downloads, this free app is most definitely a must-have.


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