Buffer: Social Media Manager iPhone App Review

| September 14, 2018

Buffer for iPhone is a Social Media Manager app that manages and schedule content and post for all your social media account. The main function of the app is to share content across all well known social media sites like, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and so on. In just a few taps, you can now easily share content across platform conveniently. This internet based app is a one stop shop for all your social media interactions.

Manage it all with just one buffer

Buffer: Social Media Manager for iPhone has a simple user interface and an organized layout that makes it easy to update social media accounts. You are invariably saving a lot of time and energy as you are not logging in to each and every social media account and posting separate contents. What you need to do is to add all the content you want to post into the Buffer app. Choose the accounts to which you want to post the content and schedule a time. The app will automatically program its actions based on the inputs you have provided.

Buffer: Social Media Manager iPhone App Review

Buffer: Social Media Manager iPhone app is so useful for those whose in a dire need to have a consistent presence in the social media world. This could be business houses or celebrities. You will get an analysis for each post and you will know how the response is and the most useful comments, both positive and negative. You can also create post and repost each post as very conveniently. Also, update status and create tweets to post across several accounts at the same time. User have an option to post content immediately or the you can use the option Add to Buffer and let the app decide when it can be posted.


Buffer: Social Media Manager for iPhone is well equipped app for those who are in the business of social networking. The app is available for free download which provides service to a total of 3 social accounts and 10 scheduled posts per profile. You also have Pro plan and small business plan that has a maximum of 25 social accounts and 2000 schedule posts per profile. You can subscribe for pro and small business plan via in app purchases.

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