Calcbot 2 iPhone Calculator & Unit Converter App Review

| October 8, 2018

Calcbot 2 for iPhone is an intelligent calculator used for mathematical and scientific calculation. Most useful for students and professionals in the related field, the calculator app has basic and scientific math functions and equations. Calcbot is a great calculator as it has a much better approach than any other built in calculator app. The app not just does calculations but also converts from one unit to another. It has an easy to read view that lets you read what you typed in the form of an equation.

Get the most out of Calcbot

Calcbot 2 for iPhone performs basic and scientific calculations with ease. The History tape is one useful feature that saves each and every calculation you have typed. In free version, you can save about 10 calculations. It acts like a reference that lets you see the calculations you have completed. Calcbot shows your work and also calculates fast. In most of the calculator apps, you see the numbers that are being typed and as you type the equal key you will see the result. In Calcbot, the numbers and the operation gets into the equation as you type and this will displayed in small font below the result and even be for you tap the equal key the answer is displayed. This way the result is quickly arrived and can see all the numbers you used to get to that result.

Calcbot 2 iPhone Calculator & Unit Converter App Review

The pro version of Calcbot 2 iPhone app has the unit conversion feature. You swipe across the screen of the app to switch to unit conversion mode. You can convert for over 500 units across various categories including currency rates. There are 9 slick themes which you can change as per your mood. Scientific functions are available in landscape mode and gain access to scientific functions and constants like Pi, atomic mass and so on.

Best Calculator and Unit Converter App

Calcbot 2 for iPhone does whatever a regular calculator does and much more. It works very well on an iPad and a smart watch alike though it does require iOS 11.0. Incredibly useful features like unit conversions and other useful features is a great improvement over a standard built in App. The app is free to download with in-app purchases to get pro features and additional theme packs.


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