Castle Breakout – Escape Game for Android Review

| July 25, 2017

Those who love solving puzzles or figuring the way out of things should check this one out: Castle Breakout – Escape game for Android. It is a creative and interesting puzzle game that features a classic escape room setting that you can solve on the go. You can get the game for free from Google Play Store.

The Game

The objective in Castle Breakout – Escape game for Android is the same as in regular escape rooms – locate all of the hidden objects in each room that are needed to complete the puzzles and let you to escape out of the rooms. The items you manage to locate will appear on the right hand side of your phone screen. Should you get stuck at some point, the knight icon on the upper left hand corner will offer you hints and tips. But still you’re stuck in a particular level, wait for couple of hours and the game will automatically reset. You may also try to fiddle around with the game settings, by clicking on the icon on the upper right hand corner of your screen.

Castle Breakout – Escape Game for Android Review

The graphics is impressive. The photo-realistic 3D graphics gives an experience so natural that you can almost feel the surface of each object. Navigation and touchscreen functions are easy to figure out. The overall gist of the game is pretty straightforward. Even for players who has not participated in an actual escape room setting before, it won’t take long to discover the game concept. The game has enough levels to keep you entertained for hours on end. The background score is soothing to the ears. Performance wise, the game is largely slick and responsive as well. Castle Breakout – Escape requires Android OS versions 2.3 and upwards.


Castle Breakout – Escape for Android is a good package given the amount of game play you can get out of the game. Levels 1-7 are available straightaway, while 8-10 requires you to pay a dollar each. The difficulty levels gradually increase as you progress. The time you might take to solve each level and room varies per player. But what is constant is the satisfaction quotient; even the most experienced puzzle solver will love the game play experience. Graphics is impressive, so is the background score. It is also stable. Check it out if you are a fan of escape room genre of games.


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