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Catch Sami Review

| February 10, 2013 | 0 Comments

Catch Sami Review – A New Game in Town with a Free Apple App Version for iOS Devices

A new game is slowly climbing up to the top of the most popular free Apple games and it’s called “Catch Sami”, a.k.a. “Sami Barket: Sliced Trips”. The game was a big hit in the French App Stores and was ranked third globally. Sami’s creator has come up with a free version to introduce Sami Barket and his gang in the U.S. and for iPhone and HD iPad devices that run on iOS Versions 5.0 and up.

It’s a simple but fun game, suitable for all ages; no difficult controls to master and only one game objective —- catch Sami and his friends. Download the free Apple app to find out why the fun-loving French and other people from different parts of the globe, found this game hilarious and addictive.

Who’s Sami and How Can You Catch Him?

The storyline is centered on Sami Barket, an Indian sheep who lives in Alabama with his friendsĀ  Cindy and Manny. Sami and his gang are having a grand time feeding on Alabama’s natural grassy fields that they now sport thick and silky wool coverings, all ready for shearing. The flock, however, is making it difficult for the sheep herder to get their wool.

The layout is designed in such a way that you only have a top view of the field and the head gear of the wooly sheep characters. So you should be quick to recognize Sami’s, Cindy’s or Manny’s hat, if you’re mission is to catch only one of the sheep inside the pen.

As the game player, your first move is to swiftly confine all the sheep in the field inside a fence, using your swiping finger to build a pen. Once the sheep are enclosed, set your sight on Sami or any sheep you have been tasked to shear. Swipe across the fence from any direction; cutting and slicing from side to side will make it possible for you to reduce the size, with just a few swiping moves. As the flock inside the pen has nowhere to go, it’ll be easier for you to corner your target and capture the sheep for shearing. Keep in mind that the scores are based on the length of time it took you to catch the sheep, and the number of cutting and slicing moves you made to finish each game level. Aim to get a high score so you can win gold medals for your achievements, as well as make it to the top of the Leaderboards.

Typical in any arcade type of game, there are power ups to help boost the player’s score. These can make the sheep run slower, or make them stop running for a few seconds. Another power up to watch for is the sheep-miniaturizer. All these will make it easier for you to reduce the size of the enclosure, and herd all the sheep in a smaller space with less time.

The full version of Catch Sami has 96 levels divided into three different worlds, as Sami and his friends will be transported to other geographical locations. The free version of Catch Sami has only one world unlocked, just so iOS device owners can try out the fun features of this free Apple game app.


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