Caustic 3 Music Creation Android App Review

| May 29, 2018

Caustic 3 for Android is music creation tool app gets its inspiration from rack-mount synthesizers or samplers rigs. It is real-time music creation tool optimized for mobile devices. Created by Single Cell software, which is also the sole-proprietorship company, led by lone developer Rejean Poirier. Caustic has reached a stage of laptop-quality matureness at version 3 itself. Caustic 3 app is free to download and has a few in-app purchases.

Music production at its best

Caustic 3 for Android consists of ten instruments called Machines. The PCMSynth Sampler, Beatbox, Subsynth, Bassline, Padsynth, 8-bit Synth, Organ, Vocoder, and FMSynth. It also has an FX rack which includes 16 effects, a virtual mixer, a detailed master rack, and a traditional song sequencer. When you open Caustic for the first time, you will notice that it is been influenced by the Propellerhead’s Reason, both in design and functionality. In addition to the virtual instruments, you also get four other devices; a effects rack, a seven channel mixer, a Master effects rack, and a Sequencer device. Effects rack is where you can apply up to two insert style effects on any of the virtual instruments. Seven channel mixer allows two instances if you use more than seven virtual instruments. Master effects rack features delay and reverb as send effects, and EQ, limiter and master volume control and two further effects slots.

Caustic 3 Music Creation Android App Review

The PCMsynth uses samples as its primary sound source. The app has plenty of very useful presets supplied covering pads, leads, basses and a small range of instruments. The Bassline instrument is based upon a certain Roland classic and is easy to use and capable of some nice tones. The FMsynth provides FM synthesis while the 8bitsynth allows you to create sounds by entering a mathematical formula.


Caustic 3 for Android is quite deep with plenty of potential and supports automation on most controls and includes powerful editors for modifying recorded beats. All files are stored on the user-accessible storage, and you can supply own WAV files to be used in app.


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