ChatterPix Kids iPhone App Review

| January 23, 2019

ChatterPix Kids for iPhone is a fun app that makes pictures talk. It lets you create playful greeting cards or silly messages or even a fancy booklet. Caters to the liking of age group 5 to 12. You creatively express your thoughts in a quirky funny way. You get to dabble with 22 stickers, 10 frames and 11 photo filters. This award winning children’s app is developed by Duck Duck Moose, a creator of 21 top selling educational apps for kids.

Design, Create and Share a chatterbox of a pic

ChatterPix Kids for iPhone can make anything and everything talk. It could be pet, friend, doodles or your family. The app just needs a picture and a recorded audio. You either take a photo, or import a picture or draw your imagination. Record the intended message and share it to the world. You can post it in the social media or send it as an email message. It engages students resulting in their increased interest in learning and the simple and versatile features enables multitude of use.

ChatterPix Kids iPhone App Review

It is an effective teacher’s tool that can be used for creative assignments and projects. You can search to get a number of creative project ideas. Students can create a funny character and talk in their voice to share learnings or ideas. You can have a clipping of reviews on the entire book collection in the library. Have an animal picture and record an audio talking about itself. Teachers can create a talking Einstein to introduce science topics.They can have their own picture speakabout historical figures. It is creativity unlimited. The app is free to download but requires iOS 8.0 or later.

Make anything talk!

ChatterPix Kids makes for a delightful experience that encourages kids to explore the world and have wild imaginations. The theme is quite playful and adapts to the learning phase of any elementary school kids. Not just students, teachers can effectively use the app to teach concepts in an interesting and intriguing manner. A team of parents who are engineers, artists, designers and educators design and maintain the app.

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