ChefTap Recipes & Grocery List Android App Review

| December 26, 2018

ChefTap Recipes & Grocery List for Android is an app that automatically clips recipes from any website. It is a perfect tool for those who love experimenting new recipes. You are not required to highlight text, nor cut it and paste it anywhere to save the recipes. The app has its very own clipper that can clip any recipes and save them in its own archive. You are not going to lose these recipes anywhere. You follow a particular food blog or on Pinterest, ChefTap will easily clip those and also give the link to the original post.

Collect, organize recipes and enjoy hassle free cooking

ChefTap Recipes & Grocery List Android app aids its users to collect and organize recipes online and it does not have a list of not supported websites. You open any website and ChefTap will take of the rest. It displays recipes in an easy to read simple format on any smartphone and tablet. The search feature lets you browse millions of recipes on the internet without leaving the app. The interface is easy to use where browsing and saving recipes can be managed effortlessly. The grocery list can be prepared from the recipes. ChefTap has pin board that displays these recipes like you see in Pinterest.

ChefTap Recipes & Grocery List Android App Review

Customization is possible to make the app reflect your persona. Adjust text size, change text and background color for easy readability. Save the pictures from web or you can use your own pictures. Clipped recipes can be viewed offline. Sort recipes to access them immediately. You can sort as per your favorite ones, new recipes, recently prepared, viewed or arrange them alphabetically. The recipes can be tagged to stay organized. Tags like Paleo, Vegetarian, Cocktails or Gluten Free are the most popular. ChefTap allows you to edit any recipe on the device.


ChefTap is for anyone who loves to keep their recipes more organized and for those who have trouble remembering which website they saw that interesting recipe. It also helps you keep your kitchen organized and ready to plan any meals. The app is free to download from Play Store.


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