Chegg Books iPhone eReader App Review

| May 29, 2019

Chegg Books eReader for iPhone is a free iOS platform application which can be used to buy or rent different textbooks at a very cheaper rate. It comes under the category education in the iOS app store. This app is a blessing for students in school level and college level for accessing their necessary text books and classroom materials. It contains textbooks related to every subject and it can be bought at a cheaper rete from their store. The books can also be saved in the device using the app.

Save Up to 90% on Textbooks

Searching of the textbooks in Chegg Books iPhone app can be done by typing the title of the text or instead the name of the writer of the book. The book can also by searched using the ISBN number, that is the International Standard Book Number or also scanning the bar code on the book. After making the order of the book, we can track the shipping status and delivery date through the application. The application also provides the opportunity to sell our old text books to earn money. This enables the application developers to have more textbooks in their account and it will be usable to other students all over the world. It also provides us an income and also helping to others. In order to send the books we needs to print our label and then ship it to their location.

Chegg Books iPhone eReader App Review

Another interesting point of Chegg Books app is that it allows the user to get a free 7 days access to the book that we had ordered so that we can begin referring the book or can access important information from the book as quickly as possible. It helps in avoiding the lag in waiting until the delivery date of the book and also to begin doing our works since the day book has been ordered.


Chegg Books eReader app is suitable for both iPad and iPhone and it requires iOS 9.0 or later for smooth functioning. It supports only English language and it has been rated high in the app store. The books have been provided discounts up to 90% off in their store which is very cheaper comparing to buying from book stalls. It is very helpful for all those who are preparing for examinations and also for those who needs to have more knowledge.


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