Chromer – Browser Android App Review

| December 1, 2017

Browsing the internet has changed a lot ever since mobile phones became capable of accessing the World Wide Web. Now, if you have an Android Phone, then you would get a number of browser apps. However, most of them are ‘versions’ of desktop browsers. If you really need something different, then you can try out Chromer – Browser for Android.

Getting a Taste of Mobile First Browser

Chromer – Browser for Android is one of the few first mobile browsing apps on the Google Play Store. It uses the Google Custom Tabs feature of Google Chrome Browser to give you a faster and more secure browsing experience on your mobile. You can just slide over the website from the app to start browser and whenever you want to return to the app, you can do that easily. Chromer – Browser app also comes with Google’s data saving technology that saves on your data consumption.

App Highlights

Faster Browsing Speeds
Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) supported
Article mode that only shows the content you want
Pages load in background to save time

Chromer – Browser Android App Review


Chromer – Browser for Android is a browser with a difference. It is quite suitable for mobile users as the pages load faster and the article mode ensures that you only get what you want. So, install the app today and make your browsing experience even more exciting and effortless.


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