ClassDojo Android App Review

| October 29, 2018

ClassDojo for Android is an aid to teachers that help improve behavior in their classrooms. The app lets them capture and generate data quickly and easily. It is useful for both teachers and parents. Whole teachers can use this to give a positive feedback to the students; parents can check their child’s progress. It has great reporting tools and functions to easily manage classroom activities. You just need to invite the parents to log in. They can easily track the progress for the entire academic year.

Get your students to be the best, persistently and effectively

ClassDojo for Android has its goal set and they are to install positive student behavior and provide communication channel so teachers and parents can communicate frequently and effectively. It is more about bringing in a good classroom culture. This is achieved through the apps Dojo Point system and a messaging system. The messaging system helps teachers and parents connect whether you use desktop, laptop, tablets and smartphones. Teachers get to use their vast collection of resources, which include, cheat sheets, parent letter, presentations and video tutorials.

ClassDojo Android App Review

Once you download and install the app you need to set up ClassDojo profiles through the website. You need to assign a class and grade to your profile. Teachers need to establish class values which the class can gain when each student perform any or all of the six pre existing positive class values. Teachers may opt from the existing class values or choose to create unique class values as per the respective classes. Each of the class values has points called dojo points of varying weightage. ClassDojo also has five needs work class values that carry negative dojo points, which means students should not be doing this in class. A student will be awarded a dojo point for perseverance but may lose dojo points for disrespect.


ClassDojo for Android instills better behavior towards learning and other school activities. With hassle free data, it smoothen the classroom functions and enables a teacher to perform their activities more effectively. All the reports and data can be synced across all devices making it easily accessible anywhere. The data and reports can be sent to administrators as well. The app is free to download with in-app purchases and ads.


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