Clipboard Manager Android App Review

| March 3, 2018

Having an application which saves everything you copy is essential for most modern smartphone users, especially for people who need to take notes, make presentations and do other such stuff. Now, there are quite a few apps for you in Google Play Store. One of the best options that you have is the Clipboard Manager for Android, developed by devdnua.

Manage Your Clipboard in Style

Clipboard Manager for Android is a simple yet effective app for taking notes and managing them, along with other things. The developers have clearly aimed to give maximum utility with simple user interface and they have succeeded in achieving that satisfactorily. With Clipboard Manager, you can create unlimited categories and sort your things in a better way. There is also no bar on the number of notes that you can save. The app is smart enough to automatically save notes from clipboard. This makes the process of taking notes effortless as you don’t have save before exiting the app. It also takes away the burden of cleaning unwanted notes. It automatically cleans up the ‘default’ category and the trash. You can organize your notes in a specific order and even merge two notes together if you want. Whenever you want you can search for specific things from within a particular note. All these exciting features make it the perfect option for the professional on the go. Just pick up the phone, open Clipboard Manager and just start taking notes and saving things that you want to keep. It’s that simple!

Clipboard Manager Android App Review

App Highlights

Import and export notes
Cloud support for backup
Share notes with your colleagues and friends
Smart Actions
Easy note viewer
Simple interface
Keep history


If you are looking for a simple and efficient app for managing your copy-paste work, then Clipboard Manager for Android might just be the thing that you need. This app might look and feel to be simple, but it is packed with useful features. The app works flawlessly without any snags. So, those looking to manage clipboards with ease, download the app today for free from Google Play.


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