Cloud Gallery Android App Review

| August 29, 2018

Cloud Gallery for Android is used to transverse media like photos and videos. It can be used to organize and filter galleries and also search with ease. It has a comprehensive user interface. With just a tap, you can share photos and videos from your gallery to all of your favorite social networks. The app is easy to use and has lots of free back up memory.

All your photos in one place

Cloud Gallery for Android is a lightweight app which is a great way to organize and store images and videos easily. No more worries of losing your special photo and video memories. With complimentary G Cloud Backup app, you can save all your photos and videos, contacts and messages. The app allows you to browse all the photos on your Nextcloud account without downloading them on smart phone. Share your favorite moments easily without taking space on your smart phone. You can list thousands of pictures in a flash of a second and also find new pictures instantly. You can upload photos and videos stored on your device even the camera roll and photo stream to supported cloud services. The app also enables to create offline albums to view at any time. You can now view all your cloud photos scattered on multiple devices in a single place.

Cloud Gallery Android App Review

Excellent and very useful app

Cloud Gallery for Android really does what it claims; with this app you can protect everything without worrying. Just download the app and everything goes easy and smooth. The app is a life saver as it restores and backs up like a pro with very little amount of space. As listed on the Google Play Store, the overall rating for the app is 4.6 at the time of reviewing. When you lose your phone or it gets damaged the app helps in backing up data and also restoring all your data. The app is also optimized for large screens like tablets. With this app, go ahead and enjoy and organize your photos easily. Cloud Gallery allows you to view and manage your photos with an easy to use interface. The app requires Android 4.0 and up and can be downloaded for free from Play Store.


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