Confide Android App Review

| August 28, 2017

In today’s world it is hard to confide in anything. When you are sending a simple text to someone from your Android phone using a messenger app, there is no guarantee that your text would remain safe from the hands of unwanted parties with malicious intent. This is where Confide Messenger for Android helps in rescue. This messenger app helps you to protect your privacy on the internet by offering you the very best in security.

Security Simplified

Confide app for Android is a simple yet effective application. The app might have some advanced technology underneath, but it is really simple to use. Confide offers you end-to-end encryption. This means that no one would be able to ‘understand’ the message except the sender and the recipient. An innovative feature of the app is that the messages disappear forever once they are seen. It also comes with screen shot protection so that no one could take a screen-shot of the messages screen.

Confide Android App Review

What You Will Like About the App?

Send text and other media with the help of the app.
The app can be used in mobile and desktop.
Free to use, with certain in-app purchases.


Security is definitely one of the major concerns in today’s age of the internet. Confide app for Android takes care of all the security concerns with ease. So, we would definitely recommend installing the app as you can always confide in the Confide app!


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