Contacts+ Contact Manager & Dialer App for Android

| March 18, 2019

Contacts+ for Android is a contact managing and dialer app. It is worlds leading app in this genre. Features like caller ID, spam block and contacts back up are available all in one place that makes this app quite liked by all. The integrated backup provides true protection to all your contacts, and call logs and if you lose you phone or gets damaged you will still have access to all your contact details. There are more than ten million users and have been awarded the top developers on Google Play.

Manage your contacts easily and efficiently with Contact+

Contacts+ for Android has clean interface with easy to use controls and other elements. With one tap you can open the contact card, calls or emails. All the contacts are shown with portrait and there are groups where you can accumulate contacts of people who belong to one entity, say colleagues, college friends, relatives and so on. You can easily toggle between groups. Easily browse and call from within the app using its integrated dialing feature. The app organizes the contacts such that you can easily search the contacts you need. Duplicate contacts are merged into one and use the home screen widget for some quick browsing.

Contacts Android App Review

Contacts+ app can be personalized with over 80 customizable themes and wallpapers. Speed dial facility allows you to place a call with one touch. Fast dialer search aided with grid or list view will make searching for contacts simple. You can have reminders for important dates for the contact that matter most. The app supports WhatsApp, Hangouts, Viber, and Email and you can open them from the app for the selected contact.


Contacts is one of the most used applications in a mobile phone and Contacts+ is one of the most useful address books with great features. It combines information from all your social media interactions from Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and so on. The app does well on tablets just the same as in phone. The app is free to download with in-app purchases for additional features.


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