Content Workspace ONE Android App Review

| July 26, 2019

Workspace One Content android app act like a powerful file organizer. It brings all your files together anytime anywhere. Syncs various devices and cloud services. Be it office documents or any other types of files, you can easily access and share it with others. It is one intelligent app that highly secures your document while it is still made available across all devices. It is quite useful for people who work with different files and are always on the move. They can use the app like a mobile briefcase. You can access the Content Workspace One android app from any device and from anywhere to get hold of your files.

Organize and get going, with your content available in Workspace One

Workspace One app for android makes working with file so easy and secure. With a simple, intuitive interface you can easily access and share files across any devices. There are built in editing tools that let you edit and work with these files. Mark files as your favorite and access documents offline without any network connection. You can search for a particular file across all devices. It is not necessary that you have to give the file name, you can also use any content of the file to search. The app will search through all the devices to find your content.

Content Workspace ONE Android App Review

With Content Workspace One Android App you can easily share files and communicate accurately with colleagues by adding comments or tagging them appropriately. Tap the star icon to make a file your favorite one. Create new folders and add media files or create a new document by tapping the plus icon at the bottom.


Workspace One is one great app and a savior to people who work as they travel. You can work at your desktop save your files in the app and access them using a laptop or a tablet while you are travelling. Such flexibility will give you a lot of ease at work even if it is only for a personal use. The appis free to download and use with no in app purchases and ads.


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