Coursera: Online Courses Android App Review

| April 28, 2018

Coursera: Online Courses for Android is a learning app where you get online courses in programming, music, languages and more from top universities. The app offers quick and easy access to over 600 courses, across 12 different languages from 108 top universities and educational institutions. The learner has to be fully committed to the lectures, review material, quizzes in order to enjoy the course. You will find that each and every one of the course is invigorating and useful.

Learning The Fun Way

Cou Coursera: Online Courses for Android rsera supports browsing and searching through catalogue. Members can join new and active courses and will get a glimpse of all their personal courses in the dashboard. A course in Coursera include syllabus or a basic outline of topics discussed in the course, a set of lectures ranging from 3 to 6 videos each 20 to 30 minutes, assignment and quiz that reinforces the topic covered in the videos. The grades for assignments will be given to you the following week and a new set of lectures will be released. A course will take at least 8 to 10 weeks to complete. At the end of the course a final exam is given. A choice of flexible dates will be given and the final grades will include the grades for exam, quizzes, tests and problem sets.

Coursera Online Courses Android App Review

Taking quizzes and tests will be more challenging when the topics are complex. To make good use of the resources available, pick the right course and spend time to complete the required materials in the course, it could be the content, reviews or quizzes. Before the final exam review the materials again. Use the forum generously. Ask questions and discuss videos before taking exams. Teachers will look over the posts and answer them appropriately.


Coursera: Online Courses for Android is a wonderful learning experience with its volume of high level academic resources, reviews and community of academician. Its multiple different features include Wiki pages and a forum where you can ask one another for clarifications and create study groups to review and learn. You can learn in dozens of languages including Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, French and Russian. Coursera app is available for free, however to earn a certificate you need to enrol in a range of specializations by paying per course.


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