Crazy Alarm iPhone App Review

| September 6, 2017

Waking up to an alarm in the morning has become so much part of our lives that some of us had in fact adapted ourselves to out-sleep the alarm sound. Crazy Alarm app for iPhone not only allows you to choose the best alarm that works for you, but also allows you to set multiple disarm modes so that you don’t turn it off in the slumber and doze off again. The app can be downloaded for free.

What is it about?

With Crazy Alarm app for iPhone, now you can choose how you wake up every morning. For example, it got a unique picture alarm method, wherein you can take photos of certain items you want to use as a disarm method, and the alarm will stop only after you match the picture. A toothbrush or coffee maker would make a perfect picture for this purpose. The smile to turn off feature forces you to wake up with a big smile, or else the alarm will not stop pestering you.

Crazy Alarm iPhone App Review

If that is not inspiration enough for you to leave the bed, set it to turn off only after you walk certain number of steps. The app even got an option wherein you got to solve a math puzzle to turn off the buzzing alarm. You can also use the shake to turn off method if you want something simple. All these features are for those who need a stronger inspiration to wake up and leave the bed in the morning. For those who don’t need such crazy alarm methods can opt for the traditional disarm method. The app also comes loaded with some loud and annoying alarm sounds to pair with crazy unlock methods. Setting up an alarm is easy enough. The UI layout is largely user friendly. It is also slick and responsive. Crazy Alarm app requires iOS versions 10.0 or later.


If you are one of those people who has an extremely tough time waking up, Crazy Alarm app for iPhone might come just handy. It got multiple alarm modes and you can pick the one that suits you better. Those who don’t want any complicated alarms may opt for the traditional alarm. Setting up an alarm is a straightforward process. The app is also stable and responsive. Overall, an innovative alarm app that lets you set alarms with multiple disarm modes.


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