Daily Bible Verses iPhone App Review

| March 20, 2017

Daily Bible Verses for iPhone is an easy to read, offline bible app. It provides inspirational verses, prayer and daily devotional stuff right on your iPhone. The best part is that it comes with photos and relaxing background music. You can download Daily Bible Verses : Holy Devotional Inspirations for free from iTunes App Store.

The App

Daily Bible Verses app for iPhone provides inspirational prayer and daily devotional on the verse that truly help you go deep in the holy bible and get closer to God and Jesus. It serves as your digital Bible on the move, and also doubles up as a ready reckoner should you need to check some verse anytime. What’s incredible about this is that each verse comes with stunning photos and fantastic relaxing background music, ready to be shared to friends and family in a single tap. The mix of old and new testaments should cater to all types of believers out there.

Daily Bible Verses iPhone App Review

Daily Bible Verses app has a good design. It is easy to flip through the pages. You can also select the desired topics in a single click. The background images look stunning. Those who wish to have a plain background can set one as they desire. The best part is that the app does not require any internet connection to function. The entire Bible and music is downloaded at the time you install the app. It is also possible to save your favorite verses, as well as scroll through a history of verses. Users can easily select and copy verses and text easily. The copied text can be easily shared with your friends and family via email, Twitter, Facebook, SMS, WhatsApp, WeChat, Telegram etc. The app also got an option to set reminders so that you don’t miss to read the Bible ever. You can customize the alarm sound as well. The app requires iOS versions 9.1 or higher.


Daily Bible Verses app for iPhone should come handy to all Christian believers. It is your Bible on the go, and comes with old and new testaments in one package. The awesome pictures and relaxing background music gives a very peaceful setting to read the Bible and pray to god. The ability to use the Bible without an internet connection is a nice touch. The UI is well designed and easy to use. Sharing options come handy. Overall, a quick, offline Bible app worth checking out.


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