Daily Mail Online Android App Review

| May 3, 2019

Daily Mail is one of the most trusted newspapers in the United Kingdom as well as the across the world. Ever since it was founded in 1896, the Daily Mail has been known for its coverage on national and important topics. However, today people don’t even have the time to flip through pages of a newspaper. To keep pace with the changing times, Daily Mail UK has come up with Android app, called Daily Mail Online. Let us take a look at the app and see how you can use it.

News from around the world

Daily Mail Online for Android brings to you all the news that is in the print edition. At the same point of time, you also get news that is exclusively available only on the app. The app brings to the latest news from all across the world. It covers topics of interest from topics like Politics, Sports, International Affairs, Showbiz and entertainment, science and tech as well as a host of other topics that would interest. When you are sipping on your cup of coffee in the morning, you can check out the latest news from around the world. Daily Mail Online has different versions. You have US, UK and Worldwide versions. You can choose the version that suits you the best so that you can relevant news from around the region. Another great advantage of the app is that it supports offline mode. This means that you would be able check the news even when you are not connected to the internet. The app automatically downloads the pictures and the news and then you can check them out when there is no internet. You can also comment on the news and get your views across to the rest of the world.

Daily Mail Online Android App Review


Covers news from 15 different topics
Works offline as well
US, UK and Worldwide version
Automatic sync and that too at a time when you want it done
You get exclusive news that is available only on the app
You can save your favorite topics and you would get daily updates for those topics
You can also stay updated throughout the day through notifications


Daily Mail Online for Android is really an amazing app that would surely keep you updated with the latest news from across the world. Download the app today and get the latest news and stay informed about the world around you.

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