Day One Journal Android App Review

| April 1, 2019

Day One Journal for Android is a personal diary app that lets you take down notes, journal along with photos and location indicators to keep track of your good old sweet memories. It is a popular award winning journal app that keeps track of every bit of your memory in an organized and convenient way. The app is versatile and can wear too many hats. You can use it as your calendar journal, travel journal, photo journal or memory journal.

Cherish and enjoy your memories from day one to eternal

Day One Journal for Android with its elegant interface make life easy as you note down once in a lifetime events to daily tasks. You enjoy every bit if time you spend keeping calendars and journals of every events. You want to form new healthy habits. Set reminders and notifications in calendars. The app will systematically remind you and you can view them all in a glance. You will be reminded with features like On this Day flashbacks and Nearby entries. On the spot memory enhancement will help you remind you of the best moments. The premium version offers unlimited photo storage and journals.

Day One Journal Android App Review

Retain your peace of mind with great security features with passcode and finger print lock. End to end encryption makes sure that the data is not accessible by all. You can sync and take backup across all devices. Text editing and formatting akin to any other professional tool is available. Meta data is formed that makes record of the finer moments. It keeps tab of location, time, date, temperature and weather. Keep multiple journals and easily browse by calendar, timeline, maps, photos or entries.

Makes Journaling Easy

Day One Journal for Android is quite simple and flexible to use for many purposes. From simple memory calendar to creating new habits, the app has a versatile nature and preserves every moment of your life. An organized way to maintain every entries where recalling them becomes so easy. The app lets you focus what needs to be written with its distraction free. The app is free to download with in-app purchases to subscribe premium versions.


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