DEGIRO – Mobile Stock Trading Android App Review

| January 29, 2019

DEGIRO for Android is a mobile trading app which is the best low cost trading app. It is a Dutch online broker that is privately owned and considered quite safe. The regulators are the Dutch AFM and DNB that is registered with the chamber of commerce and industry in Amsterdam. The easy to use mobile app is one of the lowest fees and is accessible and operable worldwide. It suits for those who are price sensitive traders who are looking for cheaper deals.

Invest with confidence with budget friendly DEGIRO

DEGIRO Stock Trading for Android is one of the fastest growing brokers in the Europeand has provided reliable investment services. The app derives reliable bank identification of the customers so it can verify and authorize without much paperwork. It is a truly global app where in you can invest anywhere anytime be it New York, Tokyo, Sydney or Toronto. The app offers a multitude of financial services and has access to most of the international exchanges and a few local European exchanges. In most asset classes the trading fees is low or non existent. DEGIRO app charges a non trading fee.

DEGIRO Mobile Stock Trading Android App Review

Trading fees is in the form of commission or spreads that happens when you trade. Non trading fee is incurred when you withdraw or keep it inactive. Billions of Euros are transacted every year through their in house infrastructure. Quickly access your portfolio with 5 digit login. There is a currency conversion fees when your account currency differs from trading asset currency. Having a bank account matters and you need to have one in an EU countries, Norway and Switzerland. Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, and Romania are exempted and clients from US are not allowed.


DEGIRO – Mobile Stock Trading for Android serves the professionals and retailers alike with its cost effective approach and an efficient technology that lets investors trade worldwide with incredibly low price. The app revolutionizes the way people invest, save and spend. DEGIRO has maintained a rapid growth, thanks to the low prices and a secure trading platform that is both reliable and innovative. The app is free to download and works of devices running 5.0 and up.


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