Docx Reader, Word Viewer Document Manager Android App

| July 27, 2019

Docx Reader Word Viewer app for android helps you view, read and work with word files. It is a fully loaded feature rich app that gives you immense choice for quick and easy editing. It is the perfect document manager you need that can create documents, read, view and also edit them in one click. Work and share documents anywhere anytime and don’t worry about not getting connected to the net. You can take the documents offline with the office reader. It can open any kind of document format. You will be surprised at the ease with which the app let’s you work with different document files interchangeably.

Manage your documents with this ace document manager

Docx Reader Word Viewer Document Manager android app is an excellent document manager. It does more than what your regular office documents can do. To start with, it can work with all the document files alike. Any supported format of documents, the app has a reader with which you can read these files and you can also convert them to pdf files. You can create fresh documents from start and edit them. The DocxViewer let you view all docx files and also collaborate with other documents present in your smartphone. Whatever you have edited will get saved then and there so you never have to worry about losing your work.

Docx Reader Word Viewer Document Manager Android App

Besides documents, the doc reader, pdfs, letters scripts with lot of options for a good reading view. Convert docx files to pdf, doc and html files. Convert pdf files to docx files and easily make changes and later convert them back to pdfs.


Docx Reader app for android is a powerful and innovative app that works really well with all kinds of documents. You can open and work with the documents right away. The feature -explore available in the app let you research and document your findings immediately. You can create documents, write ups, blogs and resumes. It converts documents from one format to the other and supports privacy by including password protection for documents. The appis free to download and use with no in app purchasesand ads.


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