Dormi Baby Monitor Android App Review

| July 16, 2018

Dormi for Android is a video monitoring app it functions like a video baby monitoring system. It is a smart audio and video baby monitor in your pockets that make baby monitoring an easy task. It includes all the standard features of a full fledged video monitoring system along with video streaming and some additional features.

Monitor effectively and be at peace

Dormi Baby Monitor for Android will use any available router to connect to parent and child devices and can work even when Internet is not available and efficiently works at any distance. The app’s automatic pairing function allows setting up of devices quite easy. You will be greeted with an introduction page and privacy policy after which you will be guided through the setup functions. Dormi will display any enabled devices to be paired with. You just need to simply click the device and you are ready to monitor your baby. You need two types of monitoring devices, child or parent. The child device will be placed in child’s room and parents device will be with you. Tap the Play and select the appropriate function for the respective device to start monitoring.

Dormi Baby Monitor Android App Review

You can play or pause any time on either of the device. Dormi listens for the baby’s cry and then activates the audio so you get to listen. Dormi allows you to talk to the child device or listen passively. But, unlike the radio monitors, you don’t have to listen to a constant humming until the baby cries. You can also tap the Talk button to speak into the app which would transmit the sound of your voice to the other device in the child’s room. If the baby starts crying while you are on a call the app will notify with vibrations and a gentle beep.

Best baby monitor for the Smartphone age

Dormi for Android always lets you know what’s going on making you stay at peace. It is the simplicity of the system that makes it so compelling and the price attached is quite valuable. You can use any of the Android devices lying around the house and you can successfully set up the audio and video monitoring system by downloading the app in both the devices.


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