Draw Something Classic iPhone App Review

| October 19, 2018

Draw Something Classic for iPhone is a drawing app which is more of a gaming app based on the popular board game Pictionary. Liked by all ages equally, it is enormous fun to play with family and friends online. Children can learn to draw and read at the same time. It is addictive and allows you to play with random people. You draw something you have in mind from scratch and let the opponents guess the picture; this is the premise of the game.

Draw and have Great Fun

Draw Something Classic for iPhone is simple yet lots of fun to play. You need an opponent to play the game. This could be someone you know directly or a random player whom you have selected online. The plot is that the app will give you three words and you will have to draw one of them. There are drawing tools avail able in the app using which you can draw. Your opponent will then have to guess the word you have drawn and type it using to the writing tools present in the app. As you play more games you will earn game coins using which you can utilise additional features. The drawing tools are a pencil, a brush with varying thicknesses, and an eraser.

Draw Something Classic iPhone App Review

There are four basic colours to choose from, black, red, yellow and blue. Your opponent can view what you drew and how you drew it like in a playback. They can spell out the answer from the jumbled letters given below the drawing. Once your opponent got it right, next it is your turn to guess what they drew. Like this you can take turns to draw and guess and it becomes quite addictive. Fresh content will be updated every now and then and challenges as thrown in to get you occupied. The categories of words range from science to sports and media.

Draw & Guess with Your Friends

Draw Something Classic for iPhone is quite fun play with though it is highly dependent on internet connection so you can reach out to your opponents. The app is free to download with in-app purchases to buy additional coins to play.


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