Drop Wizard Tower iPhone Game App Review

| August 1, 2017

Drop Wizard Tower for iPhone is an arena style platformer wherein your goal is to get through a floor past numerous obstacles and enemies as you try to ascend the tower. You play as a wizard to break free, defeat the enemies, and find the stolen ancient egg. You can get the game for free from iTunes.

The Game

Here is the premise of Drop Wizard Tower for iPhone: The Shadow Order has captured all the Wizards in the land and they have the ancient egg too. You are the lone wizard tasked with the job of defeating the enemies and finding the stolen ancient egg. The challenge in climbing over 50 floors jam packed with traps and enemies is unmatched. You’ll unlock new wizards with unique stats and magic, while negotiating hazard filled environments – Water temple, Frozen larder, Wizards Lab and surviving the ordeal. You also got to collect the missing pages from your almanac and gain insight into monsters and lore. Your success depends much on finding out all the missing pages. Eight epic boss fights are exciting as well as challenging. Expect nasty surprises in those fights. The game also got great replay value. No two play-throughs are ever the same. You won’t be ever get bored no matter how many times you replay a level.

Drop Wizard Tower iPhone Game App Review

The retro-styled, yet colourful, graphics is impressive to say the least. The head bopping chip tunes is catchy. If you are competitive minded, you can strive to find a place in the leaderboards. Achievements for replayability is another thing that you might be interested in.
Performance wise, Drop Wizard Tower game for iPhone is stable and responsive. Support for foreign languages is a nice touch, especially if you’re non-English native. The game requires iOS 6.0 or higher.


Drop Wizard Tower game for iPhone is a fun, yet challenging arena style platformer that will keep you engaged for minutes on end. The game got great replay value as no two play throughs are the same. Boss fights are interesting, and the surprises make it all the more charming. The graphics is good, so are the sound effects. Leaderboards provides the much needed inspiration for the competition minded players. The ads are a bit of an annoyance to say the least. But you can get rid of them through an IAP. Overall, a nice platformer game that is ideal to kill your free time.


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