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Earthquakes Earthquake Map and Alerts App for iPhone Review

| November 26, 2012 | 0 Comments

If your place of residence overlaps one of those seismic zones on earth, perhaps Earthquakes! Earthquake Map and Alerts app for iPhone would be of great assistance. It provides a world map with color-coded icons to denote recent quake activity around the globe, so that you can set alerts for your area based on distance and strength of the quake to receive notifications on your phone. Earthquakes! Earthquake Map and Alerts iPhone app may be downloaded free from iTunes App Store.

Earthquakes! Earthquake Map and Alerts App Features

Earthquakes App for iPhone basically updates you on the seismic activities that had occurred recently around the globe. You have the option to set up custom alerts to warn you about earthquakes that have just occurred. However, the app will take at least five minutes to update a recent earthquake. The good thing about Earthquakes iPhone App is that it tells you about the cause of earthquakes and how people should prepare and respond should a quake occur in their area. The app would come handy to all those science minded people and researchers who’re interested in seismic activity around the globe.

Earthquakes Earthquake Map and Alerts app for iPhone

iPhone Earthquakes app features a handy map to plot the earthquakes around the globe. Each such event is indicated by red-yellow-green color codes means you won’t have any trouble spotting the quakes you want to track. The map also displays local fire stations and hospitals which is a great utility. On the downside, you got to scroll the map repeatedly to see the entire world.

Further, while setting up alerts, the app considers your phone’s distance from the point of impact. There is no means whatsoever to set up city/town based alerts or the place where you reside. The user interface is easy to navigate. You can find all the required menu options at the bottom of the screen. Earthquakes! Earthquake Map and Alerts application is compatible with iOS versions 4.0 or later.


Earthquakes! Earthquake Map and Alerts app for iPhone cannot predict earthquakes. But it’ll put all the recently occurred earthquakes around the world at your fingertips. You can set customized alerts to receive notifications about earthquakes happening in your vicinity. Earthquake preps and tips come handy. Overall, an interesting earthquake alert app to try out if you’re interested in geological events.

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