Edison Mail iPhone App Review

| April 15, 2018

Edison Mail for iPhone is a feature rich email app with a built in assistant. The app is better, faster and stronger than most of the email apps for iOS devices. Its lightening fast speed, clean design and other useful features has made this app a favorite email application for many iOS users. It allows you to take control of your overflowing mailbox. You can instantly access all your inboxes in one place.

Faster than Gmail, Faster than Outlook

Edison Mail for iPhone offers an intelligent assistant that is built in to keep your shopping expenses and travel organized. This version supports Gmail, Hotmail, iCloud, Yahoo, Outlook, Exchange and AOL and IMAP accounts. You can manage mail subscriptions in one place. With one tap, you can unsubscribe from junk mail, clear out your mailbox, and delete thousands of email. You can smartly respond to mail quickly using the Smart Reply feature. The app allows you to choose from three responses based on the email. You can customize the view of multiple accounts in a list based on a folder structure you prefer so you could stay focused on what is important. You can have snoozed messages appear at the top of your inbox when you are ready to read them. Search is quick and easy and searches through all your inboxes at once. Undo Send feature will get back your email back you sent wrongly. Encryption allows you to send mail securely and you can block read receipts sent to sender tracking your email activity.

Edison Mail iPhone App Review

You can toggle thread view on or off to make email fit into your workflow. There are other advanced features like real time travel alerts, package tracking alerts and Touch ID protection. You can customize notifications only for important massages. You can send attachments from any cloud servers.


Though available worldwide, select assistant features like bill, receipts, entertainment, travel, and package alerts are currently limited to US, UK, Canada, Australia, and India. With robust features and organizing abilities, Edison Mail iPhone app is sure to go s long way.


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