ETMONEY Android App Review

| January 31, 2019

ETMONEY for Android is a financial servicing app that has the largest collection of financial products such as mutual fund investments & SIPs. Having tie ups with 20 asset management companies and offers mutual funds at zero commission. The ability to operate on a low cost model has made ETMONEY customers delight with most of its services available for free. The range of financial products include insurance, loans, credit cards and a set of systematic investment plans or SIPS.

Invest, save and be peaceful with a world class app

With 40 lakhs plus customers, ETMONEY for Android has so far processed more than 2 crore investments orders and has sold more than 500 crore mutual funds in it’s two years of launch. The app helps you track and manage your expenses, save tax, invest directly in funds and borrow money through paperless procedures. The service it offers is more than this. You can get yourself financially fit by analyzing your expenses. List all your utility and credit card bills and the bill reminders will never let you miss the payment.

ETMONEY Android App Review

SIP investment plans will help you save tax. Search the list for best mutual fund plan; see its rating, risk, returns and its performance so far. Instant personal loans of up to 20 lakhs are sanctioned online in over 950 cities. Create an investment account and start investing instantly through lump sum and SIP. All operations are automated and expenses are categorized into various heads like dining, travel and shopping. Tax saving options like PPF, Fixed deposit and insurance with shortest lock in periods are available instantly. Get one percent extra returns on app SIP investment plans.


ETMONEY for Android is one of India’s high rated financial apps that is mainly valued for its mutual funds and personal loans. It is an app for all personal financial needs. Starting from tax saving plans to personal money management, ELSS investments and paperless loan sanctions, ETMONEY has made life easy for all things money. A SEBI registered app with CIBIL check makes it sound more credible. The app is free to download from Play Store.


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