Fastcase App for iPhone Review

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Fastcase is a legal research app that lets users’ research cases and statutes right from their iPhones. Through the app, one could access Fastcase’s comprehensive database of nationwide law libraries containing state and federal case law and statutes. Fastcase app for iPhone can be downloaded for free from App Store.

The Application

If you want to pull out a statute or a case and have a citation, or search cases based on a phrase or keyword, and you are away from your office PC, or is on the move, perhaps iPhone Fastcase app could extend you a helping hand. From the main menu of the app, you could perform any of these tasks: search case law, search statutes or browse statutes. The app, by default, searches all states and date ranges, even though you can narrow down these parameters to arrive at the desired result with ease.

Fastcase free App for iPhone

On the search page, you can choose how many results you want to view at a time, and how it should be displayed. That is, you can have search results show the case title with the first paragraph, with the case title alone, or the case title + the most relevant paragraph. You can also select whether or not to display results using Authority Check, a tool that shows subsequent citations of a case. If you select Authority Check, the orange colored icon tells you how many times each case in the results have been cited by other cases displayed in the search result. Clicking on the orange button brings up a list of such citing cases.

The display of Fastcase iPhone application is crisp and easily comprehendible. The font size can be adjusted to suit readability. Cases include pagination, while search terms are highlighted and internal citations are hyperlinked. Clicking on the ‘most relevant’ button at the bottom takes you to the relevant paragraphs. Also, you can save any case in the search results for easy retrieval later on. Further, you can access recent searches, and view a list of saved documents.
Similarly, you can search statutes using keywords or by citation, even though you can only search one jurisdiction at a time. Alternatively, statutes can be browsed. As with cases, you can save the documents for later retrieval.


Fastcase app for iPhone virtually puts the American Law library in the palm of your hands. It gives access to cases, and statutes from all 50 states and from the federal government. The app is feature rich, user friendly, customizable, and robust. True, the Fastcase app for iPhone does not have all the features of its web version. But it has enough features to assist your legal research while you’re on the move.


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