FileMaster Android App Review

| April 9, 2017

Transferring media files, documents, images with lighting speed is the need of the hour. Try FileMaster app for Android if you are also requiring some application to do file sharing and management with speed and convenience. The app is fast, reliable and quick. So, with FileMaster, users can easily transfer and manage their files. FileMaster Android app can be downloaded for free from Google Play store.

Powerful File Transfer & Manager App

FileMaster app for Android is an amazing useful tool for file transfer and managing files on your mobile devices. It is quite simple to use it to transfer files between mobile devices (including Android and Apple devices). FileMaster application also works well as full-function file explorer along with technically advanced UI and easy operations. All features can be divided into two major groups as powerful transfer function and powerful file managing function. While using this in transfer mode, you can easily share anything like images, videos, documents to other mobile devices. The speed of transfer is quite impressive (up to 3MB/second) so file transfer is not cumbersome task any more. What more, no internet connection charges will apply for transfer as the transfer is done over Wi-Fi or self-hotspot mode.

FileMaster Android App Review

In case, you are using this to manage files, FileMaster app is also very supportive in file management also. The app supports most of the file formats including Zip and RAR files. All file managing functions like cut/copy/paste also works in this application. It has in built ZIP and RAR support that helps users to compress and decompress ZIP files, unpack RAR files, and manages encrypted (AES 256 bit) ZIP files. Apart from that, it also supports web share, thus you can manage files using your web-browser on your PC (no USB cable is needed to connect). It has beautiful and user friendly UI that supports simple swipe operations and multiple file views like list view, icon view etc. New version of the application is free from old bugs and has optimized photo view and encryption in cloud storage. This app is compatible with Android versions 2.2 or above.


Overall, by choosing FileMaster for Android as your partner to share/transfer files and manage media and documents stored in phone, you are making a right decision. It has outstanding features to support daily needs of users. Recommended to download for better file management and sharing of files between mobile devices.


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