Fired Up Android Game App Review

| March 12, 2018

Flappy Bird showed that a game can be frustratingly difficult, and still be popular. Fired Up for Android is also a challenging puzzle game that tests your patience to the limits. Playing against a smart AI has never been so challenging and irritating. You can download the game for free.

Difficult Puzzle

Fired Up game for Android has simple rules. But the game play is pretty difficult. Your goal in the game is to take turns igniting matches to eliminate them from the screen. You can choose to ignite one match or an entire row. The last person to ignite a match loses the game. The AI forgives no player’s mistake. When it grabs a chance to win, it won’t let it slip away. As you’ll soon find out, no matter what move you start out with or proceed to make, it’s seemingly impossible to force the AI to make the last move. It’s still possible to win, but you have to give it some serious thought.

Fired Up Android Game App Review

Fired Up game for Android tests your analytical mind to the extremes. It makes you think out of the box and allows to admire the graphics of soothing flames of matches at the same time. The game is as bit limited on features. The puzzle board never changes from its pyramid shape either. You can always track your scores, which I think is a cool feature. These statistics can be accessed from the main menu and shows the overall number of games you played, as well as the number of games you’ve won. Well, in my case, the number of games won was nil. It is that difficult to win against AI. You can also Share your scores with friends to see whose winning ratio is the highest. Performance wise, the game is slick and responsive. The app requires Android OS versions 4.0+.

Final Take

Fired Up for Android is for those who loves to solve challenging puzzles, no matter how long it might take. It is probably one of the most difficult puzzle games you could find in Google Play Store. You have to really scratch your brains to find a way to beat the AI. The graphics looks cool. The option to track your scores, and share it with others come handy. It is also stable. To sum it up, it is a game for those who thrive on a good challenge or puzzle. Others can give it a miss. There is no middle ground.


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