First Words for Baby Android App Review

| November 6, 2018

First Words for Baby for Android is an educational and fun tool that introduces new words for kids aged 3 to 7 years. The app is a perfect way to start your child’s education in English language. Babies, toddlers or kids, whichever stage they are in, if you feel its right time to get them started with learning new words, start them with this app. A new and effective way to teach those words and you can let them play with the app as it is quite kid friendly. The app is free to download with in-app purchases and ads.

Fun and innovative solutions to learn new words

First Words for Baby Android app has a simple and intuitive interface that helps your child learn much faster with its unique methodology. The animations are professional and of great quality with real sounds of animals, birds and vehicles as you touch the pictures. The bright, colorful and big pictures help keep your child’s interest at all times high. The app has 11 baby flashcards that has more than 120 words. The words are mostly of daily use that are most common and is categorized into pets, sleeping time, vehicles, what I do, clothes, farm animals, food, at park, eating time, bath time and toys.

First Words for Baby Android App Review

Each word has clear and slow pronunciation so the kids can learn the words correctly. Even the navigation has been made very slow do the kids tendency to tap on buttons really fast should not hamper the learning process. First Words for Baby is an ideal app for both parents and child to learn and play together and have fun time together. These baby flashcards can be accessed anywhere, anytime and keeps your child entertained all time. You child can use the app without your assistance.


First Words for Baby for Android is a unique app using which your child can easily learn words that are most commonly used. It is an ideal way to start learning as it inspires and awakens all the senses of a child and make them curious. This ignites their interest in learning languages.


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