Fishing Knots Mp-Fish iPhone App Review

| December 25, 2018

Fishing Knots Mp-Fish for iPhone is a reference app that shows you how to tie knots. Tying proper knots is one main and important requirement while making fishing nets. One really needs to be careful on choosing the type of knots for each type of fishing net. There is thin fishing net and a thick fishing net and each have a different way of tying the knots. Though a fishing net looks simple and humble, it is a complicated procedure that has n number of steps and to get the outcome foolproof you need to maintain accuracy from the beginning. Fishing Knots app helps you to simplify the process.

Encyclopedia of knots

Fishing Knots Mp-Fish for iPhone covers most of the knots used manually by fishermen. It has an easy to use interface with great graphics tested on various devices and always gets updated frequently. The knots are classified into various categories. There are different types of knots for different purposes. Knots are used to bind two fishing lines and, to tie leads. You also tie knots to attach large and small hooks, baits, lures, swivels, and cords. And, also to tie boats. The app gives a detail description for each type of knots. Each description has a step by step guide as to how to tie them along with illustrations.

Fishing Knots Mp-Fish iPhone App Review

Recommendations of type of fishing lines to be used for each knot and detail description of the properties of knots will help you estimate the strength reduction for each knot. Relative knot strength is the breaking strength of a knotted tope in proportion to the breaking strength of the rope without knots. You do not need an internet connection to work with this app. All the modes are loaded during installation and each knot will be displayed in a simple and clear 3d graphics anywhere anytime.

Get knotted with fishing knots

Fishing Knots Mp-Fish for iPhone deals with quite a different subject of interest and those in the fishing industry and similar lines would surely be gained by this app. The app now has improved design, improved descriptions and nee videos to master your skill. The app requires iOS 9.0 or later and is available for free download from iTunes App Store.


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