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Flud News App for iPhone Review

| December 21, 2012 | 0 Comments

Flud News app for iPhone basically gathers news from around the web and displays right in your iPhone. It provides a Flipboard like news application for the common man out there whereas for companies, it offers a handy platform to share news with their staff, or the marketing team which is supposed to have a shared appreciation of current trends. Flud News iPhone app can be downloaded free of cost from iTunes App Store.

Flud News App Features

Flud News app for iPhone permits to set up secure company feeds; this is one big reason why corporate users would love to have this app for its employees. It just comes handy to HR corporate memos or corporate intelligence with ease. Individual users, on the other hand, could share news feeds through SNS sites such as Facebook and Twitter. You can also follow other users.

Flud News iPhone app let you create a Reading List of interesting headlines and access it in the office, or when you’re on the move. You can play videos and view images as well. The app also works as a networking platform; you can find other users who share your interests in news, blogs, and topics. Through Activity Feed, you can see what others are reading at any given moment.

Flud News App for iPhone

You can also selectively filter news sources based on which websites you like and trust the most.
On the downside, at the time of account set up, you’re automatically assigned about 20 people to follow and you have no say in that. In order to unfollow any of them, you got to uncheck each one of it manually. Also one might feel that the user interface of Flud News for iPhone is a bit squashed, especially if you view it on pre-iPhone5 models. Flud News application is compatible with iOS versions 5.0 or later. It got a file size of 6.9 MB.

Final Thoughts

Flud News app for iPhone is just perfect as a free corporate communication app. It is secure and private and does what it promises. For the common user, it serves as a reliable news gather tool. The downsides do not seriously affect the app’s functionality and hence can be overlooked. Overall, an app worth trying out; it is a good option and it is free of cost as well.


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