Flychat Android App Review

| October 27, 2017

One of the biggest hassles for every smart phone user is answering messages. Every time a message comes, we have to close the app that we are doing and open the messenger app. However, all that is a thing of the past now thanks to FlyChat app for Android. If you have an Android phone, then this one app would make life much simpler for you!

Make Messaging Easier

With FlyChat app for Android, messaging really becomes easier. When you get a message, a bubble appears on the screen. You tap that bubble and a new window opens up. You can check the messages and also reply to the texts, without closing your current application. The app has in-app purchases with custom colors, customizable bubble sizes and of course, zero ads! FlyChat supports a large number of major messaging platforms including WhatsApp, Telegram, Hangouts, Line, Skype, Twitter, Threema, Textra, Facebook Messenger, Plus Messenger, Google Messenger, and Slack.

Flychat Android App Review

App Highlights

Really simple to use
Beautiful material design
Supports main messengers


If you really want to texting completely effortless, then FlyChat for Android is the one application that you would need. It is simple, easy to use and to set up and highly effective. So, install the app and make your life completely hassle free!


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