FrostWire – Torrent Downloader Android App Review

| April 16, 2018

FrostWire for Android is a free torrent client app which allows you to easily search, download, seed and play torrent files. Torrent files are those files which are used to generate links to a set of files, it could be music file, video file or any other file. It is an easy to use torrent client that simplifies torrent downloading and file sharing. Apart from downloading, FrostWire supports features like media player, automatic music imports and search that spans across multiple torrent websites.

Download and Enjoy Music and Videos

FrostWire – Torrent Downloader for Android is small and easy to download and easy to use. With FrostWire, you don’t have to go outside of the app to find the content. It searches multiple torrent indexes and presents the results inside the app. The search results will be segregated by file type and ready for download. You just need to tap on the search result to download. It lets you play most of the files before the download is complete. This feature is useful when you are downloading large files like HD movies or music albums. Built-in music player and a media browser allows you to easily access and play your files in the same app.

FrostWire Torrent Downloader Android App Review

FrostWire lets you listen to hundreds of internet radio stations. You can also add your’s by using their stream URL. Add any folder from your computer to the Library section. This makes it really simple to create new torrents from your files. Once you download the files, there is a policy that a user has to sign. The policy is that anyone who uses this application is not entitled to generate files regarding any illegal material. If anyone does then the software or the company that has developed the software does not see itself with any kind of responsibility, making it the fault of the user. Make changes in the default settings, you can enable music downloads to be automatically imported into iTunes. Set a maximum and a minimum upload and download speed to control the bandwidth. Supports Wi-Fi sharing and you can easily share any of the files with other users in your network. You can disable seeding torrents once you have completed downloads.


With most of the torrent client apps, the process of downloading can get complicated with shady pop ups, ads and uncensored files. FrostWire – Torrent Downloader for Android is devoid of such ads or pop ups. It is an open source project and works well with Windows, macOS, Android, and Linux operating system.


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