Fruits Coloring Book & Drawing Book Android App Review

| February 18, 2019

Fruits Coloring Book & Drawing Book for Android helps kids to develop drawing and coloring skills. During the formative years, developing drawing skills is quite important as it helps in brain growth and better hand motor skills. It is also a fun activity that keeps you occupied for long. Kids love colors and coloring different shapes, animals, alphabets and birds will keep them positively engaged for a long time. Colors imbibe a sense of happiness and any coloring activity can improve your mental health.

Color, color, color away to eternity

Fruits Coloring Book & Drawing Book Android app has features that are delight for any kid. Once you install the app, select a template. That will decide the type of pictures you would like to color. Next select the pen with a color of your choice. You need to tap and drag on the picture to color it. You can also color the background. There are different style of coloring that gives you a better coloring experience. You can change the size of the pencil to get an in depth coloring. The eraser tool can undo and erase unwanted color.It is a good option where in you can delete the color and apply a fresh coat of a new paint. You can save and share the artwork to the whole world.

Fruits Coloring Book & Drawing Book Android App Review

Coloring gets you addicted and keeps your mind rooted in one place and hence you will find it as one of the most relaxing past time. Not just kids, even elders can indulge and inculcate a hobby. With numerous options to color, you will find this app immensely pleasurable to part ways. The app is free to download and good for creativity development.


Fruits Coloring Book & Drawing Book for Android has amazing collection of coloring pagesthat helps you give a relaxingly great time. Enhances creativity and the app is extremely easy to use for kids of all ages. All the coloring pages are adaptable and optimized to perform well in all smartphones and tablets.


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